Higher Education in Tourism & Skiing

Higher Education in Tourism and Skiing

At the School for Tourism and Skiing you increase your knowledge of theoretical know-how and practical abilities in the realm of alpine skiing. You complete many training sessions on a regular basis. In order to be able to optimally concentrate on skiing, in January and February you focus almost exclusively on the ski program. The school’s trainers are responsible for drawing up customized training Units that prepare you for competitions, to which the trainers accompany you. At the same time, you receive a compact education in both business economics as well as tourism training with the final school leaving certificate in mind. General education, tourism, business and marketing are likewise part of the curriculum, as well as two foreign languages, communication and law. To add diversity to everyday school life, there are hands-on teaching units in our training hotel, project assignments and excursions. Classes are conducted as notebook classes. During training and competition-intensive periods you can stay up-to-date with school by using our learning management system, lms.at, which informs you about school events and also necessary school work.

Focus on

Sports management and sport services focus on both the theory and practice of the fundamentals of athletic training and the human body. The program also includes subjects such as management, marketing and event organization in connection with the field of sports.

Theoretical know-how is important, but in order to prepare for your professional life, it is also necessary to learn how to implement these skills in practice. You are therefore required to complete an internship of several weeks in the tourism industry. Whether it be in Austria or abroad, you receive support in finding appropriate internship positions. If you have already been accepted into the regional or Austrian skiing organization’s teams, you will be able to shorten the length of the internship and can utilize the rest of the time to train. Also during the school year, there are opportunities to develop connections to the industry. In our training hotel – both before and after the ski-season- you gain valuable experience with hands-on coursework.



  • 6 years


Enrollment for international students:

  • Positive completion of 8 years of schooling required, Minimum age 14 years
  • As lessons are taught in German, minimum level of German language skills must be A2 according to the European language reference frame. For further information please contact us at hofgastein@ts-salzburg.at 
  • Entrance examination in Alpine skiing and sports condition required
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